10 x Hozelock 4mm Straight Connector Adaptor, Expand Micro Drip Tube Supply Line

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Hozelock 4mm Straight Connector, 10 Pack

For extending the 4mm micro tube, and for branching off from the 13mm supply tube.

  • Made from black UV stable material – quality feel and unrivaled performance
  • Alternatively, use this product to branch a line of 4mm supply line off of a 13mm supply line
  • Comes in a pack of 10

Connect –  two pieces of 4mm supply line together with this high quality in-line connector. Made from UV stable plastic.

– use to extend the 4mm supply tube, and to branch off from the 13mm supply tube.

How to set up:
1. Put a hole in the supply tube using the hole punch (product number 2799).
2. Screw the threaded end of the connector into the 4mm tube (use the spanner that is on the hole punch)
3. Click the connector into the supply tube.

MPN: 2778P0000
EAN: 5010646040341