2 x Rentokil Clothes Moth Glue Hanging Traps - Kills Moths in Bedroom & Wardrobe

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Rentokil Clothes Moth Glue Trap

  • Traps and kills adult clothes moths to help indicate a moth problem
  • Ideal for lofts, wardrobes, bedrooms and cupboards
  • Easy to use, non-toxic, lasts up to 3 months
  • Refill glue boards available

Poison free cage trap with glue board containing a pheromone to attract and trap clothes moths. For use in wardrobes, cupboards, lofts, spare rooms and bedrooms to indicate clothes moths are present. Refills are available.

How to use
  • Follow the on pack instructions to assemble the cage and slide the glue board into place.
  • Hang up in the area you wish to protect.
  • Regularly monitor the trap for moth activity and, if found use one of our moth treating products to kill any larvae and eggs.

Where to use
Each glue trap attracts clothes moths in cupboards, clothes storage areas, lofts, spare rooms, bedrooms and other areas at risk from clothes moths.

EAN: 5012607007615

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