3 x Hozelock 360º Degree Adjustable Micro Jet Sprinkler 0-55 LPH 4mm - 2m Radius

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Hozelock 360º Adjustable Micro Jet

360º Adjustable Micro Jet

  • Made from UV stable material – quality feel and unrivaled performance
  • Use this product to create a full circle fine jet spray at the end of a 4mm supply line
  • Adjustable head allows flow to be controlled from Off – 100% (0-55 lph)
  • Ideal for use in troughs, borders and round containers
  • 3 Pack

Full circle fine jet
The 360º Adjustable Micro Jet is used to create a full circle fine jet spray.

Adjustable Micro Jets
Easy to install and suitable for use within an automatic watering system, these sprinklers will spray in a 360º full circle for effective and easy watering. With the ability to water a radius of up to 2 metres, with a maximum flow rate of up to 55 litres per hour.

Ideal for watering in greenhouses, beds and borders
Made from UV stable material, they are specially designed to provide an even water coverage across the whole range.

MPN: 2795P0000
EAN: 5010646040587