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Ambi Pur Cotton Fresh Air Freshener Plug-in Refill, Home Scent - 20ml (80 Days)

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Ambipur Air Freshener Plug-In Refill, 20 ml, Cotton Fresh

  • Eliminate odours and freshens for up to 80 days if used 12hours a day on setting 2
  • Air freshener plug in refill
  • Cotton fragrance is inspired by the freshness of pure white cotton so get wrapped up in a cocoon of softness and clean air
  • Eliminates odours and freshens
  • Adjustable scent intensity
  • Ambi Pur Air Freshener Plug-In Refill with Odourclear technology cleans away tough lingering odours
  • Cotton Fresh fragrance is inspired by the freshness of pure white cotton
  • Plug-in device available separately from Ozaroo

Breathe in the freshness
Using OdourClear technology, Ambi Pur Single Chamber plug-in air fresheners continuously clean away unwanted odours instead of simply masking them. Create the ambiance you desire by selecting from the range of high-quality fragrances available, and truly clean away bad odours. Simply plug your Ambi Pur in, adjust the diffuser to control the scent’s intensity, and enjoy the fragrance of one of the scents. Each Ambi Pur refill is sold separately and lasts for up to 80 days*, leaving freshness in your home that you will notice week after week.

More power means more coverage
With the help of an electrical source, the scent released is stronger and more robust, covering more area for more effective freshness.

OdourClear technology
Ambi Pur with a touch of Febreze Single Chamber Plug-In air fresheners feature OdourClear technology that cleans away tough, lingering odours and leaves behind a light and refreshing scent for up to 80 days.

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EAN: 4084500839434

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