Aqua Optima lumi Chiller with 1x 30 Day Evolve Water Filter Cooler 8.2 L - Black

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Aqua Optima lumi Chiller with 1 x 30 Day Evolve Water Filter, 8.2L

  • Total capacity 8. 2L with chilled water filter capacity 0. 8L
  • Fits on your kitchen or utility worktop or perfect for a home or small office
  • Cold water at the touch of a button
  • The evolve filter included lasts up to 30 days
  • Download filter replacement reminder app for free on Android and iPhone
  • Aqua Optima Evolve water filters are 100% recyclable in the UK and Eire through our free programme with
  • Filtered water capacity 5. 3 L (around 10 glasses)

This compact and stylish filtered water chiller, sits on your worktop giving you chilled, filtered water at the touch of the button.

Free up space in your fridge with this compact and stylish worktop appliance for any home, office, kitchen, utility room or workspace. The Aqua Optima lumi filtered water chiller, provides chilled, filtered water, at the touch of a button. With a total capacity of 8.2L, the lumi delivers an internal chilled water tank of 0.8L and only takes around 30 mins to chill the water to 12C, nearly half the time it would take for your fridge jug to chill to the same temperature. The blue LED cool light illuminates when the filtered water is chilled. Simply push the button to dispense.

Aqua Optima’s fast flow, 5 step filtration, Evolve technology, reduces impurities such as limescale, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides from tap water, giving you better tasting water. Save £££s versus branded, bottled water and reduce your plastic waste by topping up your hydration bottle, glass or jug, with chilled, great tasting water, not just at home, but for on the go too.

Great tasting chilled filter water up to 12◦C, 0.8L chills in around 35 minutes

Cool LED lights up when the internal water filter tank capacity is chilled to a cool 12◦C

Dispensing water by gravity feed, giving you great tasting filtered water at the touch of the button.


Lose Your Bottle and better for the environment
lumi filtered water costs up to 10x less than branded bottled water! Reduce your plastic waste by reusing a hydration water bottle. All Aqua Optima water filters are recyclable, through TerraCycle.

Stay hydrated with great tasting drinks
Having colder, purer water on tap makes it easy to reach your 2 litres a day, and with Aqua Optima’s Evolve 5 step filtration technology reduces the level of impurities found in tap water, making hot & cold drinks taste even better.

Kitchen care
Using filtered water in your other kitchen appliances helps prevent limescale build up, prolonging the life of your appliance.

Fridge space
Bring chilled, filtered water to the comfort of your home – without filling up your fridge with a filtered water jug. The lumi chiller chills water twice as fast as a jug in a household fridge.

MPN: WC0117
EAN: 5060090243164

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