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Beurer BY40 Electric Breast Milk Pump Kit with Adaptors for Other Bottles

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Beurer BY40 Electric Breast Pump

  • Electric breast pump for nursing mothers
  • Includes adapters for use with Avent® and NUK bottles
  • Works using vacuum technology, offers 10 stimulation levels and 10 pumping levels
  • Help prevent painful breast engorgement and mastitis, draws out inverted nipples
  • Silicone cushion for extra comfort

The Beurer BY 40 breast pump allows nursing mothers to express their breast milk easily and conveniently. If not enough breast milk is taken from mothers who have recently given birth, this can lead to the painful build-up of milk, which in the worst-case scenario could cause inflammation of the nipples (mastitis). This build-up of milk can be prevented through targeted expressing of breast milk using the breast pump. In addition, breast pumps help to alleviate cracked or sore nipples, and this Beurer breast pump includes a stimulation function to draw out flat or inverted nipples, making it easier to then express the milk.

Using this pump has further advantages: you can store your breast milk in the bottle, thus ensuring you can give your baby the benefits of your breast milk even if you’re on the move or have to spend time away from your baby for any reason. 

In addition, babies who cannot be breast-fed directly for health reasons (due to a premature birth or cleft palate) can still be given breast milk. This comfortable breast pump works by using vacuum technology, and offers 10 stimulation levels and 10 pumping levels. As well as an electric pump, a hand pump attachment is also included for use when travelling, along with a bottle and corresponding screw cap, and adapters to enable use of the pump with Avent and NUK bottles.

About Beurer
Beurer of Ulm, Germany was founded in 1919 and is synonymous with health and well-being. The company developed the first heating pads in Germany whilst today's range encompasses a wealth of products for healthy living including: beauty, baby care, sports, medical, diagnostic and preventative therapy. Today, the range encompasses nearly 450 products including heating pads, heated bedding, blood pressure and blood glucose monitors, nebulisers, clinical thermometers, personal and kitchen scales, foot spas, air humidifiers, Shiatsu massagers, activity trackers and beauty/personal care.

Beurer GmbH is a medium sized privately owned group operating a global distribution network in more than 80 countries and currently has a workforce of over 800 people in 12 locations. Beurer is the European one–stop specialist for health and well-being consumer electronics products. Our success is due to our long-standing reputation for well-engineered, quality made products, driven by innovation and safety.

Box Contains
1 x Beurer BY40 Breast Pump motor unit
1 x Silicone Tube
1 x Pump attachment with silicone membrane and silicone valve
1 x Silicone cushion standard size
1 x Bottle
1 x Screw plug
2 x Adapter for Avent® and NUK bottles
1 x UK Mains plug
4 x AA Batteries
1 x Instruction Manual

EAN: 4211125953263

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