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2 x Clearblue Advanced Monitor Test Sticks Kit 20x Fertility & 8x Pregnancy

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Clearblue 40 Refill Fertility Tests and 8 Pregnancy Tests

  • 40 fertility tests and four pregnancy tests to be used with a Clearblue advanced fertility monitor (not included)
  • Proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally by 89%
  • Tracks two key fertility hormones - designed to detect all your fertile days
  • The only monitor you can also use to test for pregnancy
  • The most advanced fertility monitor, validated by ultrasound (Clearblue ovulation assay showed 97% agreement with ultrasound observed ovulation, Behre HM et al. Human Reproduction (2000) 15: 2478-82)

Are you looking to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally?
You’re probably already aware that there are only a few days each cycle when you can get pregnant. Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor is the most advanced home method available to identify those days, and is proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant by 89%*. The hand-held, touch screen monitor tracks the changing levels of two key fertility hormones in your urine: luteinising hormone (LH) and estrogen. This means it can pinpoint your two Peak fertility days, plus additional High fertility days - typically up to six fertile days in total.

Benefits of Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor (available separately)

  • Proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant by 89%*
  • Designed to identify all your fertile days
  • Also tests for pregnancy
  • 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge. Over 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy from the day your period is due
  • Record your periods and when you have sex
  • Stores up to six cycles of your data – displayed on the calendar and cycle summary

How to Use
Once you have set up a new cycle, look at your monitor each morning before going to the bathroom. It will either show Low, High or Peak fertility or Test Day (indicating that you need to do a test). You will have either 10 or 20 test days per cycle - the Monitor will only ask for 20 tests if it has not detected your LH surge within the first 10. On test days, do a test with the first urine after your longest sleep, insert the test stick into the Monitor and after five minutes your fertility status will be displayed on the screen. You can test for pregnancy any day of your cycle, once a day. Read the full instructions before use.

Proven to increase the chances of conception by 89%
Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor is designed to identify all your fertile days, to help you get pregnant faster (vs. not using any method to identify the fertile days). In a study of 653 women in the US, the Monitor was proven to almost double the chances of getting pregnant naturally, in the first two cycles of use.

Identifies typically up to six fertile days
Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor identifies both High and Peak fertility days. This is typically up to six days, which is more than any ovulation test. As a result you and your partner have more chances to plan and more opportunities to become pregnant.

Tracks two key fertility hormones
Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor is the only home monitor that tracks estrogen and luteinising hormone (LH). The level of estrogen rises in the few days before ovulation when your body is preparing for conception and when sperm can survive in the ‘sperm friendly’ environment that’s created. A surge in LH occurs 24-36 hours before ovulation and is what causes the egg to finally be released ready to be fertilised.

Easy to use touch screen
The touch screen is intuitive and easy to use. You’ll use it to set the Monitor up with your preferences, as well as to add information. It allows you to view your fertility information either as a monthly calendar or as a cycle summary chart. You can even set a PIN and an alarm for test days if you want to.

Record your period and when you have sex
You can record when your period happens and how heavy it is as well as when you have sex. Together with your daily fertility status, this information is all shown on your monthly calendar.

99% accurate at detecting the LH surge
Detecting the LH surge is an accurate way to predict your most fertile days – it’s proven to be two times as accurate as traditional calendar methods*.

*Comparing a simple calendar method to likelihood of conducting a test on LH surge day (Ellis J., et al. Hum Repro (2011) 26: i76.

Cycle summary chart
The unique cycle summary charts your last six cycles, showing all the key information that a doctor would look for – cycle length, High and Peak fertility days, and when you recorded having sex. You can review it at any time and even share with your doctor to help with your fertility assessment.

Only Fertility Monitor that also tests for pregnancy
The Monitor will estimate when your next period is due by displaying a, ‘cycle’ icon. This counts down from a few days before your period is due, making you aware that you can then use the Monitor to test for pregnancy, to see if you have been successful.

Box Contains
40 x Fertility Test Sticks
8 x Pregnancy Test Sticks

EAN: 4015600994976 x 2

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