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Cole & Mason Fresh Cut Herb Keeper, Longer Lasting with Clear Lid/Refill Window

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Cole & Mason Fresh Cut Herb Keeper, Longer Lasting with Clear Lid/Refill Window

  • Fresh herbs last up to 10 days longer
  • Clear upper and lid to see the fresh herbs
  • Air vents in the lid help the herbs to breathe
  • Flip and Slide” lid and upper sheath provide easy access to the herbs with less damage
  • Includes 3 removable dividers to help store different quantity and variety of herbs
  • Container with water max fill and refill window
  • Fits easily in most refrigerator doors
  • Dimensions: 160mm (w) x 200mm (h) x 120mm (d)

The Cole & Mason Fresh Cut Herb Keeper will keep your cut herbs last up to 10 days longer

  • This useful container will fit neatly into your refrigerator door and allow your herbs to breathe through air vents.
  • Holds up to 380ml of water and has removable dividers to sit a variety of herbs.
  • Height 230mm, width 185mm, depth 120mm.
  • Enjoy fresh herbs for longer in your everyday cooking with the Cole & Mason Fresh Cut Herb Keeper.
  • This item is dishwasher safe.

Seasonality of Fresh Herbs

  • Fresh herbs are great both as a flavouring and a garnish for a wide range of dishes, for example; salads, ice creams, fish, vegetables, meat, sauces, pasta and baking. Fresh herbs have purity of flavour and take every day dishes to another level.
  • However, fresh herbs purchased in the supermarket whether cut or potted, have short shelf lives and often go to waste or die before they have been used.
  • The new range of potted and cut herb keepers by Cole & Mason extend the life of fresh herbs, ensuring you get more use and enjoyment from them in your cooking.

Dried Herbs vs. Fresh

  • There is the impression that a good cook will use only fresh herbs and not dried ones. This is simply untrue, there is a place for both in the kitchen.
  • For example, in a slow cooked casserole, use dried herbs over fresh, because the more you cook fresh herbs, the weaker the volatile oils and flavour becomes.
  • Dried herbs keep their intensity. However it is advisable not to sprinkle dried basil on a tomato salad, always use fresh basil leaves

Cut Herb Keeper

  • The Cole & Mason Cut Herb Keeper will keep herbs for up to 10 days longer than when stored in shop bought packaging.
  • Complete with 3 dividers to store multiple types of herbs, the cut herb keeper features a slide and close lid which prevents herbs getting knocked and damaged when in the fridge.
  • Narrow enough to fit in the fridge door, it also has a fill indicator at the front to aid refilling.

Box Contains
1 x Cole & Mason Fresh Cut Herb Keeper

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EAN: 5011268874864

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