Doff Slug & Snail Pest Control Self Adhesive Copper Tape - Safe Plant Deterrent

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Doff Slug & Snail Control Adhesive Copper Tape, Safe Deterrent

  • 4 metre
  • Protects approx. 12x5inch pots
  • Acts as a deterrent, does not kill
  • Causes an unpleasant shock-like sensation when slugs and snails touch the tape so they do not cross
  • Easy-to-use, self adhesive backing copper tape
  • Ideal for placing around pots, planters, container and raised garden beds
  • Serrated for added protection against slugs & snails
  • Stops slugs and snails in their tracks
  • Children and pets need not be excluded from treated area

Our Doff Copper Slug Tape brings two innovations to the classic copper slug and snail barrier. 

Our copper tape is sticky backed to make for easy application around planters and the tape is also serrated for an added layer of protection.

Doff Copper Slug Tape is an environmentally friendly, long lasting, effective deterrent to protect plants in pots, planters, cold frames, raised beds or on staging, from slugs and snails. 

When Slugs and Snails try to cross the self-adhesive copper tape, a tiny electrical charge is created which causes them to retreat. The charge does not kill them. Copper Slug Tape is poison free. 

Children and pets need not be excluded from treated area.

The 4 metre pack will protect approximately 12 five inch pots.

MPN: DP1020-01
EAN: 5050375946439

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