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Fairy Clean & Fresh - Pomegranate & Honeysuckle - Dish Washing Up Liquid - 520ml

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£4.49 - £11.53


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Fairy Clean and Fresh, Pomegranate and Honeysuckle Washing Up Liquid, 520 ml

  • Efficient cleaning, cleans greasy leftover food completely
  • Irresistible freshness around the sink during the washing up
  • Rich formula for sparkling clean dishes
  • Rich formula for sparkling clean dishes, powerful grease cutting, fantastic fruity and floral scent
  • Available from Ozaroo in a broad range of scents like Apple Orchard, Citrus Grove and Pomegranate & Honeysuckle in assorted sizes
  • Gentle on your skin, no need to wear rubber gloves

Irresistible freshness around the sink during the washing up
Fairy Clean & Fresh Washing Up Liquid gives you spotless clean dishes while making the washing up a more pleasant experience. Its revolutionary formula infuses your kitchen with light and fresh scents from around your sink, while its grease-cutting power leaves dishes shiny and clean.

Ultra long-lasting suds
With every drop of Fairy’s concentrated formula, you get more bubbles and long-lasting suds, meaning more cleaning power to get the job done.

Incredible grease cleaning power
No more soaking those crusty pans overnight. With Fairy’s grease-cutting and stain-removing power, grease and grime have met their match. Fairy Clean & Fresh Washing Up Liquid leaves your dishes spotless and clean every time.

Variety of fruity scents
Fairy Clean & Fresh comes in a variety of fruity, floral scents to leave your kitchen infused with an invigorating freshness, while leaving dishes spotless and clean. Visit Ozaroo for the full range.

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