Gillette Venus Swirl Razor Blades 5 Contour Blades MoistureGlide Serum Pack of 3

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Gillette Venus Swirl Razor Blades 5 Contour Blades MoistureGlide Serum Pack Of 3

  • 5 Contour razor blades adjust to tricky areas for a flawless shave
  • Venus Swirl razor blades have a water-activated MoistureGlide serum for incredible glide
  • The MicroFine comb helps guide hair to the blades that capture virtually every hair
  • 6x more flexible than Venus original razor blades
  • All Venus blades fit all Venus razors, except Simply Venus

Venus Swirl Blades are Gillette's high quality razor blade refills. They are 6x more flexible than Venus Classic razor blades. They work nice with Venus Swirl Women's Razor with FlexiBall technology.

Contours Better* to Tricky Areas for a Flawless Shave

Venus Swirl razor blades are Gillette’s thin, fine blades; making them Gillette’s right women’s razor blades for a flawless shave. They’re six times more flexible than Venus Original razor blades and work with Venus Swirl Razor with FlexiBall technology.

*vs. Venus Embrace

Venus’ Contouring Blades

Five contour blades individually adjust over every curve and are six times more flexible* so you get a flawless, Venus-close shave every time.

*vs. Venus Original blades

Ideal When used with Venus Swirl FlexiBall handle

Venus Swirl razor features Gillette’s FlexiBall technology, which allows the razor head to pivot in all directions to contour better* to curves and tricky areas like knees and ankles, unlike other razors that can only move in two directions.

*vs. Venus Embrace

Five Blades to get Closer

Featuring Gillette’s enhanced blade technology, the Venus Swirl has five razor blades that contour and adjust to every curve for a smooth, silky shave, capturing virtually every hair.

Water-Activated Moisture Glide Serum

The razor’s MoistureGlide serum is water-activated to give you a relative amount of glide for your shave.

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