He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel, Medium 150ml - Step 2, Anti-Aging Alcohol-Free

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He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel, Medium - 150ml

  • Prevents premature ageing through the use of effective moisturising ingredients, to help rejuvenate your skin's appearance
  • Is infused with 100% natural DHA
  • Is odourless + streak free
  • Is suitable for face and body
  • Is paraben free + alcohol free
  • Is pH balanced for sensitive skin
  • Is long lasting with its moisture lock technology infused within the range

He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel 150ml
He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel is ideal for dry skin and achieving an instant golden tan. This highly moisturising self tanning gel, tans on contact and will last up to 7 - 10 days.

He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel glides onto the skin and is quickly absorbed due to its incredibly light, smooth and moisturising texture.

With its 'see where it goes' formula you can be confident of not developing streaks or patches. If desired the gel can be reapplied for a deeper instant colour.

Suitable for use all over the body including the facial area.

Made from 100% natural DHA and is an odourless, paraben and alcohol free formulation.

He-Shi Youth Revive Opti Tan formulas include moisture lock technology for long lasting results, whilst rejuvenating your skin’s appearance to help fight the signs of ageing.

Do not moisturise before use.

Exfoliate before use and apply to clean, dry skin using a He-Shi Tanning Mitt for easy application and to protect the palms of the hands from staining.

Smooth evenly onto face and body in sweeping movements, dressing after 2 minutes when the gel is fully absorbed.

Avoid water contact and perspiration for 6-8 hours while the tanning gel develops.

After showering you will be bronzed and beautiful for 7-10 days. Moisturise daily to prolong and revitalise your tan.

He-Shi Tip
Can be used on the face as a foundation that will last all week. No need to clog pores with any other products. Always apply with a He-Shi Tanning Mitt.

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