Hozelock 10m Micro Tube 4mm Supply Hose Thin Pipe Discreet Water Irrigation 2772

Hozelock Micro Tube (4mm Hose)

Discreetly carries water from your tap to your plants.

  • Highly flexible for easy installation
  • Allows for discreet installation to pots, containers and hanging baskets
  • Layouts can be created for any garden design
  • Can be used with our Easy Drip or Class Micro Irrigation systems

Cut to size
Easy to use 10m of 4mm micro irrigation microtube that can be cut to size to meet your needs.

High quality
Made from black UV stable PVC.

This tube is easy to use and takes water from the main supply network to individual drippers.

MPN: 2772P0000
EAN: 5010646040303