Hozelock Indoor Threaded Tap Hose Pipe Connector Adaptor - 22mm Female, 3/4" BSP

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Hozelock Indoor Threaded Tap Connector

A kitchen tap connector for modern taps, with built-in aerator and a 22mm female head.

  • Perfect for when an outside tap is not available
  • Simply and securely attaches to your kitchen or bathroom tap
  • Leave this tap connector connected by unscrewing the plastic component for optimum use
  • Converts your tap into a 3/4″ BSP thread

For modern kitchen taps, that has an aerator cartridge – provides a secure method of temporarily attaching a Hozelock connector to a kitchen tap.

Easy to fit – simply remove the existing aerator cartridge from the end of the tap, and then screw in the new Hozelock cartridge.

Includes a tap connector – just screw this onto the 3/4″ bsp thread when you want to connect the hose to the tap. For the rest of the time the plastic tap connector can live in a kitchen drawer.

MPN: 2304P9000
EAN: 5010646005265

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