Junior Joy 16L Nappy Pail Bin with Lid Hygienic Storage Disposal Solution, White

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Junior Joy Nappy Pail Bin/Bucket with Lid

Size: 80 x 60 x 47 cm
Colour: White

  • Hygienic Storage Solution
  • Suitable for Washable Incontinence
  • Large 16 Litre Capacity
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long Lasting

Junior Joy's nappy systems products are designed with your baby's comfort as the primary objective. Manufactured with attention to detail, nappy pails are standard for all nappy systems.

Junior Joy's products within the nappy system range are designed to be used multiple times and are made for those families that want to stop with disposable nappies and nappy systems. The Junior Joy range has been developed for over 20 years and continues to develop newer products into the nursery industry.

The Junior Joy Nappy Bucket/Pail with Lid is a bucket designed to hygienically store washable nappies and/or general incontinence products, perfect for users who want to wash their products all in one go.

The added benefit of having this strong, large 16 litre capacity pail is that it is easy to clean and long lasting, meaning that once you buy it you don't have to buy any refills or cassettes, unlike other products.

MPN: 6192WH
EAN: 5020910619210

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