PwC interviews Ozaroo founder & managing director Chris Martin

PwC interviews Ozaroo founder & managing director Chris Martin

Ian Stuart from PricewarehouseCoopers, the second largest professional services firm in the world, interviews Ozaroo founder and managing director Chris Martin, discovering some of the company's journey from humble beginnings in Belfast to fast-growing and multi-award-winning e-commerce company.

Chris says that Ozaroo creates a "cycle of goodness", saving people money on products which helps to continually create and sustain jobs, leading to even lower prices on an ever-increasing range of products. 

"It's good for our customers, it's good for our employees, our suppliers and partners, and all of the people throughout the supply chain. We pass on any savings from the innovations and efficiencies that we make and the customer gets the product cheaper. We can then grow and continue to diversify our range of products and continually save customers money. Everyone benefits."

Ozaroo has been nominated by Ian Stuart at PwC for an award at the forthcoming  UK Private Business Awards 2017.

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8th May 2017

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