Ozaroo partners with Motorola to launch exclusive, limited edition

Ozaroo partners with Motorola to launch exclusive, limited edition

Today, Ozaroo and Motorola officially launched the new Motorola TLKR T60Z, an exclusive and limited edition PMR446 walkie talkie bundle - now available to buy at a special introductory price.

Deepening Ozaroo's relationship with one of the world's biggest brands, the company was chosen by Motorola to exclusively create and retail the new product line. Both companies have been working closely on everything from its design and packaging, to its features and accessories, to ultimately create a high-quality product, unique in design that is both innovative and stylish. Exclusive to Ozaroo, this product will not be available from any other retailer.

Conor Martin, Director at Ozaroo, said, "When working on the look of the product, we wanted something practical yet personal and, after talking with our customers, we chose a versatile grey and green design that was inspired by our own brand colours. We're delighted with the finished product and our customers are too. We pushed Motorola hard to achieve such a low price point for such a high-quality and feature-rich product. This is undoubtedly the best value Motorola radio bundle on the market today." 

Ozaroo began retailing Motorola walkie talkies three years ago and is now one of Motorola's largest customers in the UK & Ireland, offering the entire range of Motorola two-way radios and accessories.

Due to the impressive high spec of Motorola’s latest limited edition walkie talkie, it can be used for a wide range of leisure, recreational, safety, security and business purposes. The walkie talkie is packed with high tech features and a five call tone and is guaranteed to take any outdoor adventure to the next level. Ideal for hikers, campers and even shoppers, this hands free design features an LCD display with a backlight, 8 channels and rechargeable batteries (including charging dock).

Whether you are on the beach, at a festival or even exploring a theme park, this walkie talkie provides the perfect way to keep in touch for the entire family. This model is incredibly versatile, lightweight and user friendly, making it a great investment for any adventurer. Easy to carry thanks to the handy belt clip and carrying loop and simple to use, each pack contains a charging pod, rechargeable batteries, a complete full user guide and a warranty card.

Customers can shop for walkie talkie bundles with headsets as well as bundles of 2, 4, 6 and 8 walkie talkie packs. So, whatever the requirement, the perfect product is available from Ozaroo.com. For effective, free communication on the go, look no further than the high tech PMR446 Motorola walkie talkie ranges. It's good to know that an unlimited number of walkie talkies (regardless of model) can communicate on the same channel.

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31st Jan 2017

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