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Old Spice Mens Whitewater Deodorant Body Spray 150ml & Shower Gel 250ml Gift Set

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Old Spice Mens Whitewater Deodorant Body Spray & Shower Gel Gift Set

If you grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist. Old Spice is the unmistakable fragrance of the experienced man for decades.

No matter what you do, everything will change. Be prepared and start canoeing in a canyon to your office or jumping off the Hoover dam to catch the last bus home. Maybe it’s a plan for your new year’s resolutions? You can think of it whilst spending your Christmas in the Mariana Trench. Old Spice Whitewater is a broad line of cosmetics which are perfect gifts for men who live a dynamic and unconventional life.

In a bright red themed gift box, the set includes 250ml Whitewater shower gel and 150ml Whitewater deodorant body spray.

Box Contains
1 x Old Spice Whitewater Deodorant Spray 150ml
1 x Old Spice Whitewater Shower Gel 250ml

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EAN: 8001090106803


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