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Big Brands, Low Prices since 2003

For two decades we've been obsessed with saving people money and world-class service. Launched from a Belfast bedroom by Chris & Conor Martin, the young brothers dreamt-up the quirky name with the belief that actions speak louder than names. Since then we have won numerous awards and been recognised as one of today's fastest-growing companies by Deloitte and the Financial Times.

Humble beginnings

BedroomChris, Brenda, Conor 2014

From humble roots in a working class area of Belfast, Chris worked in part-time jobs from the age of 13 and even ran a shop from his locker at school. Fascinated with computers and the internet, he started selling some of his old games and hardware on eBay. He discovered a niche market where Australians wanted to save money by buying online from abroad.

Chris invested the few thousand pounds he had saved-up into a few ideas, operating the company from his bedroom while studying at Queen's University Belfast. Successful from the outset, Chris' strategy was to continually reinvest profits into new brands and products, technology and ideas. His hobby rapidly grew into a small business through diversification of products and his brother Conor soon stepped in to help.

"Frugality and hard-work are ingrained in our DNA," explains Chris. "We had very little growing up and were brought up by our mum to not take on debt. We naturally applied these same values to our business, not spending unnecessarily or taking-on debt. Our growth has been purely organic."

The UK is now our largest market, but we started by retailing to Australia and came up with the name to stand-out from the crowd; the 'oz' derived from the abbreviation of Australia, and 'aroo' from the country's national symbol, the kangaroo.

Award-winning growth

BEFTAsDeloitte Fast 50

As sales and daily tasks ramped-up, the brothers convinced their mum Brenda to leave her secure career to join the new business. Reluctance to take on overheads was eventually overcome, moving to a small unit at a nearby business park.

With no loans or grants, limited funds made it difficult to find space for the ever-expanding ranges of products. Soon outgrowing their first five premises, the brothers finally upgraded to our current state-of-the-art distribution centre, creating new jobs with every expansion.

"I started the company to make some pocket-money while studying at university, so it's a dream to be able to offer jobs and careers to my family and many local people," says Chris. "We’re extremely grateful to have been recognised for our fast-growth by several independent organisations."

Ozaroo's expertise, first-class service and value for money has attracted customers and brands in droves over the years, expanding from just a handful of products to tens of thousands, and sustaining growth at an award-winning pace year after year. 

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