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PetSafe Easy Walk Harness & 1.8m Lead for Extra Small Dogs No Pull Collar, Black

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PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

Size: Extra Small
Colour: Black

  • NO PULL - The Easy Walk Harness uses your companion's opposition reflex to reduce pressure on its lead, gently steering your furry friend to your side to stop pulling in its tracks
  • TRAINING - Almost immediately improving loose lead walking, the Easy Walk Harness directs your Dog's attention back to the owner with every pull, quickly and effectively helping Pets to break the habit
  • COMFORTABLE CONTROL - Keeping your Pet comfortable, the Martingale Chest Loop prevents choking, gagging or coughing, keeping pressure away from your Dog's neck while still keeping you in Control
  • ADJUSTABLE - To prevent chafing, the 4 Adjustment Points of the Easy Walk Harness ensure a reliable and comfortable fit for your furry friend.
  • WARRANTY - The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Includes a 2 year Manufacturer's warranty

Train your dog. Enjoy your walk.
This is the ideal way to prevent your dog pulling on the lead but you can be happy knowing it won’t cause any harm or discomfort. This is because the front-chest lead rests low on the breastbone, which means your dog is restrained from being wilful and is gently steered into your side, making him easier to control.

How it works - the opposition reflex
All dogs have a natural opposition reflex - if you push against them, they push back. If you pull them back, they pull away. So any harness that pulls from the dog’s back, actually works against the owner by increasing the dog's instinct to pull forward away from them.

On the Easy Walk Harness, the lead attachment is on the front of the Harness – in the chest area (not on their back). So when the dog pulls, the pressure is applied to the chest area which activates the dog’s opposition reflex and their natural instinct lean back against the pressure - rather than moving away from it – thus reducing the pulling.

  • Stops lead pulling quickly and comfortably.
  • Front-chest lead attachment.
  • Martingale chest loop redirects forward motion.
  • Steers dogs to the side and re-directs attention onto the owner.
  • Soft but strong nylon construction provides maximum comfort.
  • Four adjustment points allows a reliable fit.
  • Two quick snap-buckles on the shoulder and belly straps allow simple and easy fitting.
  • Easy to identify each strap (due to alternate complimentary colour of belly strap).
  • Never causes coughing, gagging or choking.

The right fit
Two quick snap buckles make the Easy Walk Harness easy to attach and four adjustment points let you create a right fit.

The harness is made from soft but strong nylon so it’s hardwearing yet comfortable. The Easy Walk Harness is suitable for all breeds of dog.

Easy Walk Harness Size Guide

EAN: 0729849131613

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