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PetSafe PetPod Digital Automatic Feeder Dog/Cat Daily Timer Food/Treat Dispenser

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PetSafe PetPod Digital Pet Feeder

  • Dispenses twice in 48 hours
  • Dispenses food, treats or medication safely and on time,Precise digital timer
  • Strong built to prevent break-ins from stubborn pet, Strong built to prevent break-ins from stubborn pet
  • Strong built to prevent break-ins from stubborn pet,Dishwasher safe trays for easy cleaning
  • Requires 2 x AA alkaline battery (not included).
  • Please Note: For any assistance call customer care 0800 046 14 14

Most suited to cats and kittens, the stylish petPod has an easy to read LCD display and 24/7 programming which allows you to regulate feeding times and deliver food and medication to your pets safely and on time. Battery operated with two dishwasher safe feed trays, each holding up to 200 g of dry food.

The revolutionary pet feeder, petPod combines stylish modern looks with cutting-edge technology, providing your pet with meals timed to digital perfection and you with the complete peace of mind to leave your pet at home.

Many pets benefit from meals that are ‘little and often’. It suits cats and small dogs and can help large ‘stressy’ dogs who are prone to vomiting. Pet feeders can be used for dried biscuit food or kibble, tinned or semi-moist food, home-made diets and even medication.

For a pet that's fit and healthy
Why should I use a Health & Wellness product?
Our Health & Wellness products are diverse but all fulfil roles in your pet’s everyday routines. Every pet needs to eat and drink. Health & Wellness products provide innovative alternatives which will enhance your pet’s experience.

PetSafe Health & Wellness products include a range of timed, digital and interactive pet feeders which promote your pets feeding experience.

Feeding systems provide pets with regular small meals of either dry biscuit or tinned food. This is how cats and smaller dogs would choose to eat, little and often. Some pets with stomach problems benefit from having their food in small regular portions. The timing of the delivery of the meals can be predetermined, thus make feeding systems ideal for dispensing medication at set times when the owner is not at home. All of our Pet Feeders have dishwasher safe feeding trays for owner convenience and hygiene. Feeding systems should not be used to facilitate leaving pets unattended for extended periods.

Example breeds
  • Cat and kittens
  • Extra small dogs – Miniature breeds
  • Small dogs – Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier
  • Medium dogs – Border Collie, Spaniel
  • Large dogs – Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd
  • Extra large dogs – Giant breeds and oversized dogs

MPN: 160ML
EAN: 5011569105797

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