PetSafe Staywell Magnetic Cat Flap Pet Door with Collar Magnet Entry & Locking

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PetSafe Staywell Classic Magnetic Cat Flap

  • SELECTIVE ENTRY - The Magnetic Locking System unlocks for your Cat, helping to keep out strays and other unwanted visitors
  • CONVENIENCE - Giving Cats the freedom and independence they love, the magnetic locking system allows them to come and go as they please, relieving owners of constant supervision
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LOCKING - The 4 Way Locking system of the Staywell Magnetic Classic Cat Flap gives your Cats with the freedom they love whilst providing owners control of their boundaries
  • UNIVERSAL FITTING - Using the included Easy to follow 3- step installation guide and cutting template, the PetSafe Staywell Magnetic Classic Cat Flap can be installed in any application with ease
  • Magnetic collar key included

The Staywell Classic Magnetic Cat Flap helps keep out stray cats – your cat wears a magnetic collar key allowing her to get in. No batteries required and suitable for most installation materials. Suitable for cats up to 7 kg. Available in white.

Magnetic Collar Key - how selective entry works
Pet Doors are pushed open by pets and do not require constant authorisation from the owner. This potentially allows the pet access to the garden whenever they want it, avoiding toileting accidents and therefore relieving you from constant supervision.

Selective entry cat flaps are ones which require your cat to carry a device to gain entry to the home. With the Staywell Classic Magnetic Cat Flap, your cat wears a magnetic collar key which 'unlocks' the cat flap allowing her to push it open and gain access to the home. Once inside, the flap can no longer be pushed open as the magnetic key is not present. Intruding cats are a significant cause of stress for resident cats and selective entry cat flaps help keep such unwanted visitors out.

Pet Doors - the benefits

Pet Doors provide pets with a portal between two different environments - usually the indoors and the outdoors. This provides pets with a greater freedom of choice and extends the areas in which they can self-exercise and explore.

Pets benefit from increased exercise, fresh air and opportunities to investigate, fulfilling their innate requirements and stimulating them psychologically.

The Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flap, uses your cat's Magnetic Collar key (1 included) to allow her entry to your home - keeping strays at bay. Intruding cats are a significant cause of stress for resident cats. Magnetic cat flaps help keep out strays preserving the resident cat’s core territory within the home.

Box Contains
1 x PetSafe Staywell Magnetic Classic Cat
1 x Magnetic Collar key
1 x Cutting template
1 x Installation guide

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