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PetSafe Staywell Original 755 Medium Dog Flap Pet Door 2-Way Locking Easy, Brown

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  • PetSafe Staywell Original 755 Medium Dog Flap Pet Door 2-Way Locking Easy, Brown
  • PetSafe Staywell Original 755 Medium Dog Flap Pet Door 2-Way Locking Easy, Brown
  • PetSafe Staywell Original 755 Medium Dog Flap Pet Door 2-Way Locking Easy, Brown
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PetSafe Staywell Original 2 Way Pet Door

Size: Medium
Colour: Brown

  • FREEDOM - the ultimate convenience for owners, the Original Pet Door offers your Pets the freedom and independence to come and go as they please
  • ADAPTABLE LOCKING - The 2 way locking system of the Original 2 Way Pet Door provides owners control over their pet's movements, ensuring safety and peace of mind
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Fitting the Pet Door into thicker Doors has been made simple with the optional tunnel extension, included with the Medium and Large Pet Doors, but is an additional purchase for the Small Pet Doors
  • UNIVERSAL FITTING - The Staywell Original 2 Way Pet Door can be Easily installed into Brick, Metal or PVC using the provided cutting template and installation guide
  • WARRANTY - The PetSafe Staywell Original 2 Way Pet Door includes a 3 year manufacturer's warranty

The Original Staywell Pet Door is available in three sizes; small, medium and large, each of which is available in three different colour finishes – white, brown or silver. Supplied with a closing panel for when it’s not in use or for keeping your pet safely indoors. Suitable for most doors and walls.

Key product features

  • Fits most doors and walls.
  • Closing Panel and Fitting Screws included.
  • Installation Guide and Cutting Template included.
  • Fits wooden doors
  • Fits brick walls
  • Fits PVC / UPVC and Metal doors Suitable for dogs up to 18 kg.

What are the advantages of a Pet Door?
Busy owners can allow their pets freedom to self-exercise and explore.

Pet Doors reduce heat loss because they are small, are shut most of the time and are low to the ground.

Pet Doors can be fitted to internal doors or cages to create sanctuaries for individual pets.

Pet Doors can be locked or use selective entry to prevent unauthorised animals intruding into the home.

For more freedom
How do Pet Doors work?
Pet Doors are pushed open by pets and do not require constant authorisation from the owner. This potentially allows the pet access to the garden whenever they want it, avoiding toileting accidents and therefore relieving the owner from constant supervision.

Installation and fitting
The pet door is easy to install and suitable for doors, walls and windows of all materials.

All pet doors are designed to make fitting as quick and easy as possible – in three easy steps:

1. Measure - Measure the distance from the ground to the pet’s belly and make that measurement from the ground up, onto the door – this makes sure that the cutting template is positioned correctly and that the pet door is the right height for the pet.

2. Cut - Using the cutting template as a guide, use a drill and jigsaw to cut the hole in the door.

3. Fit - Make sure the locking mechanism on the pet door is on the right side of the house (inside or outside) and use the screws provided to secure into place.

Getting started
Once a pet door is fitted it is a good idea to allow your pet to gradually become familiar with it. You can prop the door open or in some cases, fit the frame but leave the ‘flap’ out. This will allow you to tempt pets through using a favourite treat. But don’t force your pet or they may become scared. Once your pet is comfortable, the flap can be replaced. Above all – be patient with your pet.

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EAN: 5011569003833

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