Rentokil Pest Control Hand & Surface Cleaning Wipes for Rat/Mouse Traps, 50 Pack

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Rentokil Pest Control Hand & Surface Wipes

  • Contains 50 ready to use wipes
  • Hygienic wipes for the hands
  • Antibacterial formulation
  • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as E.Coli
  • Also for use on surfaces & traps in the home & garden

Ready to use, hygienic wipes for hands, traps and surfaces in and around the home and garden. Antibacterial action kills 99.99% bacteria inclusing E.coli, Weil's disease and other rodent/pest related diseases. Use with our range of poisons and traps.

How to use
Simply remove wipes from the tub, and use as needed on hands, traps, equipment or surfaces.

Where to use
Use wipes where needed to clean surfaces, traps, bait trays, to clear up urine or blood caused by pests or by using traps. Also for general use around the home.

EAN: 5012607007844

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