Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi With Diamond Crystals Electric Foot Hard Skin Remover

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Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi With Diamond Crystals Electric Foot Hard Skin Remover

  • Buff away hard skin in minutes for fabulous feet with the Scholl velvet smooth pedi
  • Ideal for the safe and professional removal of hard skin from your feet at home
  • Ergonomically-designed soft touch handle
  • Replaceable roller head with diamond crystals
  • Specially designed micralumina replaceable head
  • Battery operated and ready to use - 4 x AA batteries included
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Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Anti-Callus Electric Grater softens the skin while eliminating callosities only in a few minutes, for soft, smooth and beautiful feet.Really easy to use, the Scholl grater is to use with regular motions exerting a light to medium pressure on calluses. After a few minutes, dead skin will disappear and your feet will become soft supple and smooth. Easy to handle, it suits the feet curves perfectly.The Velvet Smooth roll is an interchangeable roll with diamonds crystals, naturally exfoliating. It removes calluses easier.The box contains:- 1 electric grater,- 1 roll,- 4 AA batteries, - 1 protective cap.


  • Unscrew the base of the unit in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Remove the base from the unit and remove and dispose of the red insulator tap.
  • Replace the base of the unit and screw in a clockwise direction until secure.

How to use:

  • Remove the protective roller cover before use.
  • Ensure that the roller head is securel inserted into the unit. Do not use without the roller head attached.
  • Turn on the unit by twisting the silver ring to the left and gently glide the roller head over the hard skin. The dead skin will gradually exfoliate. Use only on dry skin. Do not press too hard or the unit will stop.
  • Turn off and check if you have achieved the softness you desire. If not, repeat until smoothness you desire is reached. Stop if the skin becomes sore or inflamed.
  • Once you feet are starting to resemble smooth, happy feet again, switch off the device.
  • Turn the unit off by twisting the silver ring to the right.
  • Wipe or rinse feet to remove any excess dead skin.
  • Thoroughly dry feet.
  • Apply Scholl Velvet Smooth Moisturiser and massage into your smooth feet.

Scholl Velvet Smooth with Diamond Crystals Electric Hard Skin Remover

Gentle on your feet and easy to use. The Scholl Velvet Smooth with Diamond Crystals Electric Hard Skin Remover quickly helps you achieve soft, silky feet. This electric foot file is designed to remove hard skin for smooth results after just one use. It buffs away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with smooth feet you'll want to show off. This battery-operated unit is ready to use and includes four AA batteries.

Roller Head with Diamond Crystals

The unique roller heads with diamond crystals gently remove unwanted hard skin from your feet, leaving them feeling silky smooth.

Three Different Intensity Levels

Three different roller heads are available to buy for this device. Choose between: Extra Coarse for particularly thick and stubborn skin, Regular Coarse for excess hard skin, and Soft Touch for a soft and beautiful finish.

Ergonomically Designed

The ergonomically designed handle is moulded to fit the hand, making it extremely comfortable and pleasant to use.


The Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi is powered by 4 AA batteries. To replace the batteries, simply turn the screw cap at the end of the handle to open the battery compartment.

Easy to Get Started

Insert the roller into the device, making sure it is fully engaged. Simply remove the insulator tab on first use. For ideal results, your feet should be clean and dry.

Individualise Your Treatment

Use in successive sessions until your feet feel soft and are free from hard skin. The length of each session is different for each individual and depends on how much pressure is placed on your feet during daily activities, exercise and the fit of your shoes.

Moisturise After Use

Wipe or rinse feet to remove any excess dead skin and thoroughly dry your feet. Finish by applying a foot balm or cream, such as Scholl Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream (or Velvet Smooth Intense Serum).

Replace Roller Head as Needed

One roller head is included with the gadget. The roller head should be replaced when it is worn and is available for purchase separately. The wear depends on the intensity and duration of the treatment sessions.

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