Severin Raclette Party Cooking Grill with Natural Grill Stone, 8 Mini Pans Black

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Severin Raclette Party Grill with Natural Grill Stone and 8 Mini Pans

  • natural grill stone for low-fat healthy grilling
  • reversible, non-stick diecast grill plate for grilling on the one side and 4 mini crêpes on the other side
  • high quality plastic housing
  • combined grill surface
  • 2 pilot lights for heating function
  • variable thermostat
  • measurements of the grill wire: approx. 49 x 25 cm

Fancy a barbeque but it's raining outside? With the SEVERIN Party Grill you can grill indoors. Perfect for entertaining, impress your guests with the healthy way to cook meat, vegetables and seafood. The natural grill stone sears meat on the outside, locking in flavour for beautifully succulent meat. The die-cast grill plate can even be inverted for cooking crepes. Use the mini pans beneath to cook vegetables whilst your meat sizzles on top. Thanks to the non-stick grill coating, it's also easy to clean - particularly useful if your guests have a habit of departing before the washing up!

MPN: RG 2341
EAN: 4008146005541

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