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TEFAL SuperGrill 2in1 Health Grill Sandwhich Toastie Maker 6 Portions, Non-Stick

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TEFAL SuperGrill 2-in-1 Health Grill

  • Powerful and high-performance die-cast non-stick coated plates for restaurant-quality grilling
  • Four adjustable thermostat settings including temperature boost for maximum searing; crispy and caramelised on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside
  • Multi-functional with two cooking positions: Grilling and open barbecue at 180 degrees
  • Sloped design for a 3 degrees optimal grilling angle: Allows fat and grease to drain off into the large capacity drip tray
  • Removable, dishwasher safe plates and drip tray for fuss-free cleaning
  • UK plug
The grill that provides superb searing and has two positions for grilling and barbecuing
SuperGrill 2in1 is a multipurpose grill that is perfect for sharing convivial moments with family and friends around a delicious meal. With its 4-position thermostat, you can perfectly grill all types of ingredients, including fish/chicken, red meat, sausages/paninis and vegetables. SuperGrill 2in1 has 2 cooking positions which allow you to grill in the kitchen or BBQ on the table, providing versatility as well as added convenience. Enjoy restaurant-quality grilling results thanks to the Super Searing mode and die-cast aluminium plates, which marks your meat and keeps it deliciously moist. Its large cooking surface and adjustable position provides perfectly grilled food for up to 6 people. Its dishwasher safe, removable plates make cleaning up a breeze!

2 cooking positions for grilling or barbecuing
With the SuperGrill 2in1, you can either grill in your kitchen or BBQ in the middle of your table. When grilling food, the floating hinge easily adjusts to the thickness of your food whilst the grill plates are sloped to allow excess fat to drain straight into the built-in drip tray. When barbecuing, simply open out the grill 180 degrees for a larger cooking surface.

Adjustable 4-position thermostat
The adjustable thermostat gives you even more control over the grilling process. Perfectly grill all types of foods for any occasion, including fish/chicken, red meat, sausage/paninis and vegetables.

Drip Tray
Sloped plates allow for fat to run directly from the grill into the drip tray, making clean up after use easy and simple.

Super Searing mode
Enjoy restaurant-quality results thanks to the Super Searing mode, which marks your meat and keeps it deliciously juicy.

Dishwasher Safe
The SuperGrill has removable plates and drip tray which are both dishwasher safe.

MPN: GC450B27
EAN: 3045386374274

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