thrive Wet Kitten Food Chicken Breast 100% Natural Complete Tin Grain-Free - 75g

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  • thrive Wet Kitten Food Chicken Breast 100% Natural Complete Tin Grain-Free - 75g
  • thrive Wet Kitten Food Chicken Breast 100% Natural Complete Tin Grain-Free - 75g

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Thrive 100% Complete Kitten Food Tins, 75g - Chicken Breast x1

  • Complete and balanced. At first they need small meals often (about four or five a day) but by about six months, two meals a day are usually fine
  • Made with 100% Chicken Breast - the only source of protein
  • Formulated for the nutritional requirements of a kitten
  • Contains 'free liquid' water for optimum hydration
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • 75g tin

Pure, Healthy, Wet Food For All Cats
New & Improved Healthy Wet Food for All Cats, now available in 6 delicious flavours.

After intensive research, we have optimised the way we make wet cat food and are very proud to introduce our new & improved range.

We have increased our meat or fish content even further (now 75%) as well as the optimal level of vital hydration, without changing the overall moisture content.

Each variety of Thrive complete is as delicious as ever and you can now also be assured that your pet is getting all the vital hydration that cats need.

Chicken Breast (Kitten)
Made with 100% Chicken Breast – the only source of protein.

Thrive Complete Kitten Chicken Breast is cooked in a chicken broth with added vitamins and minerals to give your kitten a complete nutritionally balanced meal. This means that our food provides everything your kitten needs and therefore can be fed on its own or mixed in with our Thrive PremiumPlus Chicken Complete Dry Food depending on your kitten’s preference.

Kittens (and cats) are strict carnivores and have no dietary need for carbohydrates such as grains (e.g rice or wheat). It is for this reason that our kitten wet food is protein-focused and grain-free, with only 0.2% carbohydrate content.

Good hydration is vital to a healthy kitten, which is why all our wet foods are formulated with ‘free liquid’ water for optimum hydration, instead of the artificial gelling agents found in other brands. When it comes to wet food, our philosophy at Thrive is: “wetter is better!”.

Thrive Pet Foods
At Thrive we believe that you and your pet are what you eat. So we’ve used our 30+ years of experience of making premium quality food for humans to create a revolutionary ‘real’ pet food with simple, easily recognisable ingredients. We insist on using human-grade cuts of meat or fish, no substitutes and absolutely no ‘animal derivatives’. Our food is completely pure and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, added sugars, wheat, gluten, dairy, soya and GM ingredients (you could say it’s what we leave out that makes us different).

We also use innovative manufacturing processes from the human food industry to create ground breaking products, like our new PremiumPlus Chicken dry food, which contains 90% meat - the highest in the world - or our freeze-dried treats which are natural, healthy and bursting with flavour. Open a tin or tube of Thrive and you’ll see exactly what you are feeding your pet: pure goodness, no nonsense.

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