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TOMY Greedy Granny Children's Preschool Action Game 2-4P - Sneak Biscuits Away!

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Greedy Granny Children's Preschool Action Game

  • Take turns trying to sneak biscuits from the tray as carefully and quietly as you can
  • Will you risk it for a biscuit; be careful, one wrong move and you could wake her and send her teeth flying
  • Granny has fallen asleep with all the biscuit; what a greedy granny
  • Greedy granny is suitable for 2-4 players
  • Contents: A granny with chair, a spinner and 12 biscuits

Greedy Granny
Granny loves biscuits and wants to keep them all to herself.

When Granny falls asleep it's time to strike.

Take it in turns to sneak biscuits away... shh, be careful not to wake her.

Will you risk it for a biscuit?

Rules of the Game
1. The aim of the game is for each player to take a turn at collecting each one of Granny’s coloured biscuits before she wakes up

2. First player takes their turn spinning the biscuit wheel.

3. If the wheel dial lands on a green take your turn in sneaking a biscuit away. Pay attention to how many times you have to press the button on the side of granny's chair, if the green section has the number 2 on it, it means press it twice.

4. Should the dial on the wheel lands on the purple section, you must put a biscuit back and press the button the required amount of times.

5. Players who land on the forbidden sign, skip a go.

6. In the case of landing on the two players you can take a biscuit from another player.

7. If you wake Granny, you have to put all your biscuits back and start again - unlucky.

8. Suitable for 5 years+, from 2 to 4 players.

Box Contains
1 x Granny with chair
1 x Spinner
12 x Biscuits

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