Westland Rose 2 in 1 Feed & Protect Concentrate, Healthy Plants, 500ml - 2 Pack

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Westland Rose 2 in 1 Feed & Protect Concentrate, Healthy Plants, 500ml - 2 Pack

  • Contains calcium and sulphur to strengthen
  • Helps roses absorb more water for improved health
  • Increases disease-resistance
  • Child, pet and bee-friendly
  • 2 x 500ml bottles

Rose Feed & Protect has been specially formulated to support rose health from the inside out. 

Comprising two bottles, the first contains a concentrated rose feed for greener foliage and more vibrant and fragrant flowers; the second contains a specially formulated protection concentrate to help deter black spot.

Why Use

Can be used on all types of rose plants.

Strengthens the plant from within.

Can be used from March to August during the growing season.

How to use

Fill a watering can with water.

Pour 1 measure from each bottle (5ml) per 1 litre of water, into the watering can.

Apply the diluted feed around the base of the plant until saturated.

Allow 1 litre per plant.

Important: Do not mix the contents of the 2 bottles directly together without diluting in water first.

When to use

Apply every 7-14 days from early spring until late summer.

What to expect

Healthier plants which are resistant to disease such as blackspot.

More rose flowers and greener foliage.

General advice

Don’t allow rose bushes to dry out as this can contribute to poor plant health and attack from pests and disease.

Continue to deadhead flowers which have died off to encourage more blooms and reduce any fungal pathogens such as black spot.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What should I do if I put on too much of the product? 

A. Heavily water the area to wash through the excess product.

Q. Can I use Rose Feed & Protect on any other plants? 

A. This product is specially formulated for roses and it is best to use on roses only.

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