Wolf-Garten Bypass Pruner Secateurs 22mm - Garden Cutting Trimming Handheld Tool

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WOLF-Garten Bypass Secateurs

  • Ideal for medium size hands
  • Soft grip handle
  • Blade PTFE with non stick coating
  • Internal spring mechanism
  • Cutting Diameter up to 22mm
  • 10 Year Guarantee

The Bypass Secateurs are ideal for delicate and precise pruning.

Bypass blades work on a scissor-like cutting action with one blade ‘bypassing’ the other. They are best used on younger growth as they provide a very clean cut, essential for maintaining a healthy plant or shrub. They can also be used on older cuttings but a little more effort may be required by the user.

These light weight pruners have ergonomically designed handles which have an integrated thumb rest for safety and are ideal for a medium sized hand. They have an internal spring mechanism and an easy to use locking mechanism. The PTFE blades have a non-stick coating and can cut through stems up to 22mm thick. These are suitable for both left and right handed use.

MPN: RR2500
EAN: 4009269304863