Wolf-Garten Multi-Change® Moss Removal Rake, Lawn Gardening Tool Attachment Head

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WOLF-Garten Multi-Change® Moss Removal Rake

  • Thoroughly clean up the lawn of moss and lawn felt
  • Oscillating mounted scarifying knife
  • Outer edges highly stable,, as extra hardened
  • 'Made in Germany our quality is any challenge grown
  • New! 35 Year Guarantee

This Moss Removal Rake is the ideal tool for clearing moss and thatch from your lawn. The head has been specially designed to swing back and forth – this action, combined with the backwards facing angle of the teeth, enables the rake to ‘glide’ over the lawn when pushed and ‘bite’ into the lawn when pulled.

Manufactured in Germany to the highest of engineering standards, this tool is designed to be used with your choice of lightweight multi-change® handles

EAN: 4008423878028